Enhance Your Outdoor Area With A Bespoke Patio Awning

A patio awning is usually a retractable roof like structure that provides shelter to a deck or patio. It’s ideal for providing shade from the sun, so you can enjoy summer days without becoming too hot and with sun protection. As well as this, they are usually waterproof, so you can also enjoy shelter from the rain if any unexpected rain showers pass.

They are ideal for protecting outdoor furniture from becoming sun bleached and help provided a dedicated area to socialise and entertain in your garden.

Are Patio Awnings Retractable?

Yes, usually. You can buy stationary awnings, but most people opt for retractable awnings as it allows them to control shade or shelter as and when they need it. A retractable awning will fold into a cassette, so it is neat and out of the way when not being used as well as protected from the elements such as strong winds and stormy weather.

You can either purchase a patio door awning that retracts manually or is motorised. Motorised is ideal for carefully managing your awning and is accessible for all households, with a remote control or button operated system for you to extend or retract the awning.
Awnings are ideal for your home, whether you’re planning to spend time inside or outside, an awning can help shade a window or patio door, helping to protect your home from direct sunlight and becoming too hot or the sunlight making it difficult to watch TV or work at a computer or talking to someone without sun shining into your eyes. The benefits are plenty, so why put it off any longer?

Made to Measure Patio Awnings

If you’re interested in finding made to measure patio awnings that suit your home and style perfectly, then Love Is Blinds is your perfect destination. We supply patio awnings across Essex in a range of designs and materials.

We’ll visit your property and measure up your intended location to ensure it fits perfectly and can meet all your requirements. We’ll factor in length and width as well as operation, so you have the perfect patio door awning for your home.

Why Choose Love Is Blinds?

Based in Hatfield Peverel, just off the A12, we are in the ideal location to serve Essex. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, there is nothing about blinds that we don’t know! Whatever your needs, we’ll aim to meet them.
Whether you’re a private household or a business looking for made to measure patio awnings, so you can provide outdoor dining, we are the perfect supplier and have provided excellent results for all of our customers both commercial and domestic.

If you want to find out more about our range of made to measure patio awnings, please get in touch or look across our product range on the website to find a solution that perfectly suits you.

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