What Are External Window Blinds?

External blinds are blinds that can be mounted over glass to help regulate solar heat that hits your home. If you have a south or west facing garden or room, it is likely that during the summer these receive the most heat which can make them unbearably hot to enjoy comfortably.

External window blinds help to reduce the heat gain and solar glare to help keep these rooms cool and comfortable. Because they are installed externally, they can help block the light/heat before it hits the glass, therefore working more effectively to keep a room cool than an indoor blind could do.

What Are The Benefits of External Blinds?

You may choose to opt for external blinds if there is a part of your home that receives a lot of sun and becomes very hot. This will primarily be during the warmer months but can also happen during the winter if the sun is particularly strong.

By investing in external blinds and shutters, you can help regulate solar heat, light and UV into a room to help keep it cool and comfortable and therefore an enjoyable indoor space.

External blinds help block solar glare at the first instance, before it can reach the window glass to help reduce the impact of the heat and it heating up a room. They can also be useful in the winter, by helping to insulate your home and prevent the amount of heat that can escape, helping keep your home warm and comfortable during the winter.

Our range of external blinds in Essex are also great for privacy, letting you benefit from light and a view of outside, while blocking what can people see from the outside. Therefore if you live somewhere that is overlooked, you can enjoy your home without worry.

Of course, external blinds are designed and installed to be weatherproof, standing up to the variety of weather we can experience in the UK, so you can feel confident that your external blinds will stay in place whatever the weather.

Our external blinds are also remote control operated so you can easily operate them remotely from inside or outside your home. Ideal if you want to adjust the light or insulation of your home. Ideal if you are trying to reduce glare while working, reading or watching TV.

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