What Are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian window blinds are also sometimes known as horizontal blinds, and consist of two inch wide horizontal slats which are connected by a cord or strips of fabric. You can then pull alternate cords to either rotate the slats or bring them together and up.

You can buy aluminium, PVC, plastic or wooden Venetian blinds in Essex from our showroom, but we have seen a significant popularity in our white wooden blinds thanks to their stylish design and ability to bring a luxurious look to any home. Get this desired look for an affordable price and made to measure for your home. Venetian blinds get their name because they originally came from Venice in Italy, first appearing as we know them in around 1794.

What Are The Benefits of Venetian Blinds?

Venetian window blinds are incredibly popular and have remained this way thanks to their functionality. They allow the perfect balance of controlling light and privacy in your home, they can pulled together and up to allow full light and visibility, or they can be fully down, and the slats adjusted horizontally at different angles to control how the light flows in and the privacy provided. At an angle, you can benefit from both adequate light and privacy.

This full control of light and privacy makes them ideal for a range of settings such as homes, offices, commercial premises and more. The increasing popularity for Venetian wooden blinds is likely due to the high-end look they provide a home and their low maintenance as they are easier to clean and maintain over aluminium and PVC designs and are less likely to develop mould or rust which is ideal in a humid climate such as the UK.

Made to Measure Options

Love Is Blinds can create bespoke Venetian blinds for any setting; fitting your windows, doors and conservatories perfectly. You can have control over colour and material, opting between aluminium, vinyl, PVC, plastic and wooden blinds.

We’ll create your made to measure wooden blinds in Essex at our Boreham factory and can fit them to ensure they are secure and ready to go, standing the test of time for years to come. By opting for bespoke Venetian blinds, you can ensure they will fit the dimensions of you window perfect and do not have too much excess material gathered at the bottom.

How to Care For Your Blinds

You can now opt for anti-static materials for venetian blinds which are ideal at repelling dust, but if not, there are some easy ways to keep your blinds looking great. Be sure to keep on top of dusting, using a feather or fluffy duster, it is also now possible to buy special ‘blind cutters’ which are dusters specially designed to clean between the slats.

Alternatively, using an old sock or dusting cloth, dip into a solution of vinegar and water and grip each slat moving it across. Your choice of material can also help, opting for bespoke wooden blinds can ensure your blinds look great for many years to come. Not to mention this material is ideal for insulation during the winter and sturdiness during the summer when by open windows ensuring a gust of wind won’t ruin your blinds!

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