What Are Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are made of fabric that fold into pleats when raised. The fabric folds under itself as it is raised in a concertina-like fashion because the fabric is split into panels with a lifting rod sewn into the back lining. This means the blind can be raised in sections to allow for a range of options in allowing light flow. It’s a perfect stylish solution to frame a window.

So why are they called Roman blinds? Well as the name suggests, they were invented during the Roman era to help keep out dust and keep homes cool and as with many Roman inventions the design came from a desire to have more elaborate window dressings. The drawstring mechanism was added to enable it to be raised and lowered to control how much light and air entered the home and this design has barely changed in 2000 years and remains popular today.

What Are the Benefits of Roman Blinds?

The benefits of Roman blinds are as they were over 2000 years ago – they allow for the ability to control the amount of light and air that enters the home. Their sectioned design mean that they can be draw up and down gradually so you can adjust the amount of light that comes into the home – also meaning you can keep an element of privacy too. It also means the blinds are always pulled up at an equal level so look neat and tidy.

Because they are fabric based, you choose from a variety of designs to suit your décor, our bespoke roman blinds in Essex can be designed to your choice of fabric so they perfectly match your home. An ideal choice if you want something that brings the whole room together.

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