Bespoke Commercial Blinds For Your Business

For many businesses, style is everything! It represents your individual brand personality and the type of clientele you are hoping to attract. It is these finishing touches that can help make all the difference to your space and show the attention to detail you bring to your business. Our range of stylish blinds bring that much needed addition to a space, helping to provide light control and privacy when needed.

We have provided commercial blinds across Essex for a range of sectors including private and public sector offices, schools, universities, restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops and cinemas. We can create bespoke blind solutions to fit all types of spaces, to provide the perfect solution for your space. We are happy to work with you to help bring a vision to life or give you our expert opinion.

Whatever the size or space, we have helped create a stylish solution, even providing commercial blinds for large windows and vast open spaces.

Office Space – While open plan offices with large windows help to make an office brighter and welcoming, there can be the issue of sun glare on computer screens during the early morning or late afternoon. Our blinds help to provide much needed light control when needed. Meeting rooms often need blinds to provide privacy or to allow attendees to view a projector screen easily.

Education – Both schools and universities may need blinds for the same reason, to allow students to see screens when the sun is low or see what is being presented via the projector or on a TV. They may be needed for privacy in staff rooms or offices.

Hotels – Whether you are running a new hotel or are organising a refurbishment, we can supply blinds for rooms, conference spaces and lobbies to complement your interior design and provide privacy to customers. We can provide blackout blinds which are often appreciated by many guests.

Restaurants – We can design commercial blinds for large windows and can offer options which are low maintenance and easy to clean. You may wish to have blinds for aesthetic reasons to create a homelier feel for your patrons or to help prevent sun glare, so they can enjoy their meal. They are also popular for private dining rooms where people may want privacy and not to be overlooked by others.

Retail – In retail, blinds can be a great way to add style to your shop space as well as demonstrate when you are open or closed or provide privacy when setting up the shop, either for sales or cashing up at the end of the day.

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